Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Man Does Thing
- Reuters

    A MAN shocked bystanders today by doing a thing.
Onlookers at the Place Somewhere were astonished when A Man came and began to do what turned out to be a thing. The man, who appeared to be a human man, made several movements and noises consistent with the process of thinging, before leaving the scene.
"I could not believe my eyes," said a lady, also apparently human, "I've seen it many times before, of course, but never just now and not in that exact place."
Police attended the scene but could not establish whether it was.

SOARAWAY SHOO would like to hear from you! Were you there? Is it? Did a man? A thing? Call out to a higher deity and we'll print the best replies in a future issue. Now go away you filthy ape.

Monday, 1 August 2016


I have learned some things.
That peaceful lunacy is a common default state at home; to accept online monstrous rage is en vogue,
That a blank page is often just a blank page; to scribble and soil it is a very human urge,
And terraced quantum doors hide love and loneliness.

To what end are these thoughts?
To suspect there are no certainties at all; but to chase the same is deliciously pointless,
To burn and tear at midnight’s feral zoom; but immortal only in those unacknowledged moments,
Tubes fizz and burst, days blazing, pupil-wide intimations.

And what else can there be.
There are as many revelations as there are snowflakes; we walk in an enervating storm of ice-rash falsity,
There are truths as numerous as grains of fucking sand; we crush them under our bloated hams and haunches,
Devouring and destroying as only we were born to do.

And what use is it all?
All flesh and aspirations turned inward, atrophying along with dreams, and a million more ready to join this pointless battle
All the while adding poison of thought, word and deed; stamping wholesome, handsome filth unto the rotted vestigial echoes
Of the generations failed before, and before, and before.

[Note: this piece was titled by Rusty Shooman, whose previous work is here]

Monday, 25 July 2016

what anticulturalism is not

anticulturalism is definable only by what it is not

it is not a movement because a movement implies concensus

it is not a culture because culture requires conversation

it is not a philosophy because philosophy implies explanation and exploration not exploitation

there is no anti-culture because that is a cultural statement in and of itself

there is only an anticulturalist

it is a personal definition open to no interpretation explanation or debate

Monday, 18 July 2016

Found "poems" - Articles

Is it a poem?

Is it a performance?

Is this another verse?

Is this a duet?

River big big

Sky water lot
River big
Cross not
Moons ten count
Sky water not stop
River big big
Cross not
Food here
Food little
Here food eat
Cross not
Food not
There food eat not.

Jones come
River see
There Jones
Jones Stand
Arm small
Leg small
Head small
Food none
Cross want
Food here
There food eat not.
Jones shout
Cross want
Food not there
Food here
Cross want
Jump can
Run can
Run jump can
Cross here
Food eat
Here food eat.

Jones run
Sky water come
Jones run jump
River big big
Water big
Jones jump
River little
Jones shout
Here jump 
River big big
Jones small
Jones run.

Jones shout
Jones come
Jones shout
Sky water come
Jones jump
River big big
Jones small
Jones shout
Father come
River big big
Jones small
Jones not.

Sky water lot
River big
Cross not
Jones cross not
Eye water come
Shout not
Jones not
Eye water not stop
River big big
Jones not
Father not
Food little
Food want not
Eat not
Father not
Eye water not stop.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Brand new product!!!!

Below the line poetry: Social media vs newspapers

Critical thinking skills FTW!
If you send the canary down the tunnel
and it comes back dead,
 you don't salute it for its brave sacrifice
and go down the tunnel anyway –
you turn the hell around!
Facts are sacred, cross checking mandatory.
But fear is addictive.

Journalism follows
it no longer leads..
a race to the bottom.
Just because it's your opinion
that the moon is made of green cheese
doesn't mean that opinion should be given
the same weight as, say,
Stephen Hawking's opinion
on the physical nature
of the moon.
Why is the public mistrustful of the mainstream media?
Because they have proven themeselves to be untrustworthy,
and time
and time

Angst and Anguish
the Guardian's raison d'etre!
Rather than post truth politics
we should call it
post-professional journalism
as there was a time
when things used to be checked
and lies were harder to push.
I think the hard truth is
those days
are unaffordable now.

Social media,
for all its faults,
has empowered
and enabled
the public
to discuss and coordinate
its response
to matters of the day.
The mainstream media
no longer
the public's discussion.
Mainstream politicians
no longer
the public's coordination.
The problem being
that everybody is now
super savvy
one man
"Che Guevara"
with an ipad.

The Guardian sells
to a pessimistic and guilt ridden middle class,
and it's obvious that
this is often
a deliberate editorial policy.
Too many opinion pieces,
not enough investigation.
Too much reporting,
not enough journalism.
Scientists are not supposed to defer to authority
in lieu of evidence; 
normal people kind of are.
And yet you're still here...
Huge paradox.

Information spreads so fast,
and so widely
that false information
can be embedded in the social sphere
fast enough
that once proved false it is too late.
140 character reporting in action.
That and GroupThink.
How do you combat a simple lie
with a complex truth
in the face of
140 character news reporting?

We live in an age where
people will tell the lies
people want to believe
as the truth
I think there is an argument
to be made
for serious people
to withdraw
from the world of social media. 
So much hate in the btl comments.

To the police,
the land of post-truth
is nothing new:
they've been occupying it
for years.
Social Media.
Full of Corbynites, Kippers and Cybernats
railing against Bilderberg and lizard men.
boringfacts dot com
 anyone in?

Below the Line Poetry takes online article comments as its source material; they are formatted and re-edited to create a poem.