Thursday, 9 February 2017

righter wrests

An arsonist. A narcissist. A fantasist. Infanticist.
Words in waves, worlds wave past.
A wrestler. A Westerner. An imager. Imaginer.
Whiles and wiles. Wails and Wales.

A spectacler. Spectacular. Bipolar and binocular.
Phrases pave. Praises pave least.
A spender. A suspender. A renderer. Incenderer.
Trials and tiles. Tails and tales.

A fighter. A frightener. A straightener. A shaper.
Living lies. Lying grave at last.
A converter. A comforter. A listener. A lessoner.
The righter writes. Rails and regales.

Saturday, 31 December 2016



Friday, 25 November 2016

the anticulturalist: war

war is the inevitable consequence of unfettered breeding and an idle population

it is borne on anger at being intellectually malnourished to the point of not having means to express the frustration

in this case nebulous concepts called national pride, honour, virility and other useless lies become methods of self-identification

the rulers, being educated and wily, prey on this as a distraction to stop the population becoming equally educated and therefore a threat

it is also employed in order to keep the flow of money to their own circle and the circles of their friends and their enemies alike through lethal technology transportation weapons uniforms and all the accroutements necessary for a brilliant war to tick all the boxes

it is also employed as entertainment for a population being educated in their own downfall

war is therefore implemented by rulers as an anticulturalist device for their own self-interest and perpetuation of their own bloodline with no need for further explanation or justification other than those the rulers choose to give for their own ends

Friday, 11 November 2016

on the death of a poet

It is brave to dance
Maybe there will always be poets
And we were fortunate
To have them render unto us
At first hand

The moment of creation
A created moment
We breathed the same air
And that is nearly a miracle
A modern one

Transcendent, or mirroring, critiquing, embracing,
Revealing, loving, hating
The world we can see
And the world we would like to
But cannot

Yes, it is the brave
And the beautiful and the crumbled
Who grapple with the word
Who grapple with themselves
And demon gods

Of the millions of people
That have ever lived
Across all the debris and detritus
Of this doomed human rampage
Together we danced.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

the anticulturalist: economics

the recent history of western economics has been a harangue centred around either bullshit-down steal-o-nomics or a pie-in-the-sky equal distribution of wealth

either and both are inherently anticulturalist as it is the anticulturalist in charge of measurement that is responsible and that measurement can be of any metrics that suit the anticulturalist for his own needs and bias at that time for his own purpose

the media is complicit in its own version of analysis which can never be anything other than skewed by its own inherent bias by the 'facts' it presents based on figures selected specifically for the narrative angle of the piece, the paper, the journalist, the editor for its/his/her/their own purpose

therefore the media is acting in an anticulturalist manner because objectivity is impossible in this system

Sunday, 6 November 2016


There was a Spiderman, a Batman, Darth Maul, two or three pirates, a princess, several witches, a Harry Potter, a pretty scary zombie and some pretty cute zombies. There were tiny ones who couldn’t really walk yet and older ones bending down, too young to give up the fun but old enough to be a bit embarrassed because they are wanting to be grown up most of the time unless it’s fun and there’s chocolate and sweets and siblings to look after.

And they all, to a monster, liked our pumpkin. I did too. Suzy did a top job. It looked splendid and scary and had scars and the candle flickered menacingly inside. And they all, to a monster, smiled and said thank you and were excited and playing together. And I heard loads of different accents and thought, well, ya know, monsters don’t really have national boundaries it seems, and witches can play with zombies and the Flash can do a swap with Supergirl - a lollipop for a blag Aldi Milky Way bar – and their folks can watch from the gate and smile.

I brought the pumpkin in at a suitable they’ve-all-gone-home-to-bed style time, and I thought of all the English and Bulgarian and Welsh and Polish and Syrian and Golgafrinchan parents that would be kept awake for hours by sugar-demented kids bouncing off the walls and puking up insane neon colours from the more Halloweeny type soft sweets, and I wondered exactly when it would be that kids like these turned into people who decided that instead of sharing fun and being undead or wielding plastic broomsticks and carving pumpkins, that instead of all this they’d blame each other for all the bad things in the world because they’d been taught to hate instead.